🚧 Attention, lovely patrons! 🚧

We're thrilled to inform you about some exciting changes happening at CP Bellevue! You may have noticed our parking lot undergoing a little transformation with some heavy machinery and fencing. But fret not, we're still here and open for business, ready to serve you with a smile!

While our parking lot gets a makeover, we want to make sure you can still access all the goodness we have to offer. You can still reach us through our back ADA entrance located on the far North side of the lot. Just follow the long ramp for easy access.

But wait, there's more! Thanks to our wonderful neighbors, you can also park nearby and make your way to our front door using the bridge and ramp from the building next door on the South side. We've even made sure this route is ADA accessible with ramps all along the way, so everyone can join in on the fun!

So, whether you're rolling in from the North or strolling in from the South, we've got you covered. We appreciate your support and patience during this construction phase. Thank you for being awesome! 🌟

See you soon at CP Bellevue! 🎉